Handy Tips and Recommended Products

The idea of this section is to give some basic tips and to show some products I would recommend. I've used Amazon to show examples but you don't have to buy from them.

Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount

I have installed many TV Brackets over the years and I have to say that for now, this has been the best. The double arm movement is smooth which reduces any stress on the wall fixings. I liked this product the first time I used it and have even used them in my own home.

Double lock, Long Throw Gate Lock ("Cays")

This is a great addition to any gate. Rather than having a bolt on the inside of the gate that you can only access from one side you can have this instead. There are different depths so make sure you measure the thickness of your gate. The most popular type has a lock on both sides but there is also a version that has a release button instead of a lock. I've lost count how many I've installed over the years and have them on my gates too. It comes with several keys so saves having to get any cut.

My Favourite tip

If I have ever done a job in your home you have most likely heared this already. If you are putting anything on the wall I can't stress enough the following.

1) Use the correct size drill bit (or .5mm smaller)

2) The correct good quality wall plug. I Use the TimCo Red plugs as they are a good strong plastic and are a great basic fixing.

3) The correct size screw for the wall plug.

Follow this three rules and you can't go wrong.

Reusable Overshoe

I've been asked a few times about these.

They are far better than the blue plastic bag style ones.

No Ripping, tearing or twisting.

Easily removed and can use the loop at the back to hang them on a door handle when you are

going in and out at a property

OSRAM GU10 - LED Downlighter bulbs

I love these. I was looking for a replacment bulb that looked like an original Halagen bulb rather than the plastic ones, especially in fittings that expose the edges of the bulb. What I also like is that you don't have to replace the whole fitting when the bulb goes.

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