COVID 19 Update:

When working in or at your property I will wear disposable gloves and a mask. If I need to come in to your property I would appreciate any windows and doors being opened and if you need to be in the room I would appreciate it if you would wear a mask. 

In addition to this I am using hand sanitiser between jobs and wiping down equipment and my van with sanitising wipes, where possible/appropriate. When picking up supplies I also wear a mask and disposable gloves.


Please stay safe and take care, Phil


Home and Garden Services, No Job too Small

Property Services

Painting, Basic Plumbing & Electrical Work, Hanging doors, Putting up shelves, mirrors, pictures, curtain poles and blinds etc,

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Mowing, weeding, Sheds erected, repaired, refelted, treated. Fences erected, repaired, treated, Garden Furniture etc,

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