Don't be a statistic

Still not finished tiling the bathroom? Never got around to fixing that unpainted patch on the front door? And is that new shed still just a pile of bricks in the back garden? Welcome to the club.  According to a recent survey around two-thirds of us are living with an unfinished home improvement project.


The poll of more than 3,200 families highlights just how many of us embark on DIY that either goes wrong, falls apart or is never completed.  These projects, the subject of many a domestic disagreement, have been dubbed Never Ending Renovation Dramas, or Nerds. And some of us have to put up with them for more than three years. The most common involve kitchens and bathrooms.


Examples range from a half-fitted kitchen to painting two walls in a room but never getting around to the other two.  The researchers found these half-finished projects have a big impact on family life, affecting 61 per cent of Britons, equal to around 14million households.  They trigger arguments and can cause everything from insomnia to panic attacks. Those affected are often reluctant to invite guests because of the state of the house. 


Asked what was preventing these projects being completed, householders blamed lack of time, a change in finances or a lack of skills.  The report found most householders took up to six months to fix the problem. But 16 per cent lived with it for more than three years.


So don't be statistic, you don't have to put up with unfinished projects, just give me a call and I will come round and finish them for you.

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